Flextype 0.2.0 release

Hello Everyone!

Flextype 0.2.0 release is already published with improved core Architecture and with a new advanced Thunderer Shortcode Framework that will allow easily create and manage your shortcodes.

Here is an example of creating and using the Thunderer Shortcode Framework in Flextype:

Create Shortcode

use Thunder\Shortcode\Shortcode\ShortcodeInterface;

Shortcodes::driver()->addHandler('msg', function(ShortcodeInterface $s) {
    return '<div style="color:' . $s->getParameter('class') . '">' . $s->getContent() . '</div>';

Use Shortcode in the page content

[msg color="red"]Hello World![/msg]

Result on the page

<div style="color:red">Hello world!</div>

New public functions for filesystem and finder

From now, you can work with filesystem and finder with this new public static functions in the Flextype class:


Example of using this functions:

if (Flextype::filesystem()->exists('path/to/the/file.md')) {
    // do something...

$pages = Flextype::finder()->files()->name('*.md')->in(PAGES_PATH);

Other minor changes

Update from Flextype 0.1.0 to Flextype 0.2.0

Download: flextype-0.2.0.zip