Pages are the fundamental building-blocks of your site. Each page in Flextype should contains page header block in YAML format at the top of the file and page content marked up using HTML + Shortcodes at the bottom of the file.

Here is a basic example:

title: My Page
description: My page description
My page content.

Between these triple-dashed lines, you can set predefined page header variables or even create custom ones of your own. These variables will then be available to you to access in site templates.

Predefined Page Header Variables

Here is a list of predefined page header variables with example values:

title: Welcome
description: Some description here
keywords: key, words
published: false
  name: Sergey Romanenko
date: 2015-10-18 16:00
robots: noindex, nofollow
template: default (allows you to use different templates in your theme)  

Custom Page Header Variables

You can create your own custom page header variables using any valid YAML syntax.


  twitter: "@getflextype"

Pages and Urls structure in Flextype:

Physical Location URL
site/pages/home/ /
site/pages/blog/my-post/ /blog/my-post
site/pages/a/very/long/url/ /a/very/long/url