• Using Flextype Components instead of Symphony Components
  • Available Flextype Components for developers: Arr, Assets, Cookie, Date, Debug, ErrorHandler, Event, Filesystem, Html, Http, I18n, Notification, Number, Registry, Session, Text, Token, View.
  • Using .yaml files instead of .yml
  • Default theme from now is simple
  • Themes structure is changed. From now main folder for all theme templates and partials is views inside theme folder.
  • Templates moved to /simple/views/templates/ and partials moved to /simple/views/partials/
  • Default template changes from index.php to default.php
  • Plugins templates can be overridden by templates in themes folder.
  • For pages we will not use anymore. From now page file will have a name
  • Config class was removed, from now we will use simple powerful Registry Component to access configurations.
  • Event, Filter, View class was removed. From now we are using more powerful Flextype Components!
  • Fixed issue with getPages() method.
  • Twitter Bootstrap updated to 4.1.0 for default theme.
  • ErrorHandler added with errors logs.
  • Code cleanup and refactoring #5
Date: 05-04-2018 09:46 : release