• core: add Delivery API's for Entries, Images and Registry. #159

    Use Flextype as a Headless CMS with the full power of the Admin Panel. Build a Websites and Apps with a technology you are familiar with.

    Endpoints for Delivery API's:

  • core: add new core constants PATH['tokens'], PATH['accounts'], PATH['logs'], PATH['uploads']

  • core: add new locales support Persian, Indonesian, Galician #327

  • core: add alternative comparison syntax for Entries API

    Alternative comparison syntax:

    != - Not equals to
    like - Contains the substring
  • core: set entries field routable=true on new entry creation #320

  • core: use array_merge() instead of array_replace_recursive() for entries update method.

  • core: initialize plugins before themes #323

  • core: update Cache to use adapter to retrieve driver object #341

  • core: load Shortcodes extensions based on flextype.shortcodes.extensions array #352

  • core: load Twig extensions based on flextype.twig.extensions array #351

  • core: add new Global Vars PATH_ACCOUNTS, PATH_UPLOADS, PATH_TOKENS, PATH_LOGS for Twig.

  • default-theme: Moving to Tailwind CSS from Twitter Bootstrap #356

  • site-plugin: add ability to set custom site url, new shortcode [site_url] and twig var {{ site_url }}

  • form-plugin: add new Form plugin for forms handling instead of core Forms API.

  • icon-plugin: add new Icon plugin for Font Awesome icons set.

    usage in templates:

    <i class="icon">{{ icon('fab fa-apple') }}</i>

    usage in entries content:

    <span class=""><svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" class="icon icon-tabler icon-tabler-mood-sad" width="44" height="44" viewBox="0 0 24 24" stroke-width="1.5" stroke="red" fill="none" stroke-linecap="round" stroke-linejoin="round">
                      <path stroke="none" d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"/>
                      <circle cx="12" cy="12" r="9" />
                      <line x1="9" y1="10" x2="9.01" y2="10" />
                      <line x1="15" y1="10" x2="15.01" y2="10" />
                      <path d="M9.5 15.25a3.5 3.5 0 0 1 5 0" />
  • (site-plugin): add ability to access uri variable in the theme templates.

    usage in templates:

    {{ uri }}
  • admin-plugin: add RTL support for URLs #62


      slugify: true # set `false` to disable slugify for entries
  • admin-plugin: add ability to deactivate/activate all type of plugins. #211

  • admin-plugin: add Confirmation Required modal for system plugins deactivation.

  • admin-plugin: new Admin Panel UI with better UX and powered by Tailwind CSS.

  • admin-plugin: new improved entries media manager page.

  • admin-plugin: add ability to continue editing after saving in the editor.

  • admin-plugin: add action onAdminThemeTail for admin panel base layout.

  • admin-plugin: add ability to change entries view from list view to table view.


      items_view_default: list # set `table` for table entries view
  • admin-plugin: increase upload limit for _uploadFile from 3mb to 5mb

  • admin-plugin: do not rewrite plugins and themes manifest with custom manifests.

  • admin-plugin: add parsleys for frontend form validation.

  • admin-plugin: add select2 for all select form controls.

  • admin-plugin: add swal for all modals.

  • admin-plugin: add flatpickr for date and time.

  • admin-plugin: add tippy.js for all tooltips and dropdown menus.

  • admin-plugin: add confirmation modals powered by swal for all critical actions.

  • admin-plugin: add dim color for entries with draft, hidden and routable=false status #324

  • admin-plugin: add ability to select entry type in the nice modal on entry creation. #331

  • admin-plugin: add new setting entries.items_view_default with default value list.

  • admin-plugin: add ability for redirect to the editor after creating #343

  • admin-plugin: add ability to create default API tokens on installation process.

  • admin-plugin: add ability to use local SVG version of Font Awesome Icons #322

    usage in templates:

    <i class="icon">{{ icon('fas fa-ellipsis-h') }}</i>

Bug Fixes

  • core: fix discord server link #325
  • core: fix issue with system fields data types in the Entries API #383
  • admin-plugin: fix issue for creating entry process with same IDs #333
  • admin-plugin: fix redirect for entries after edit process.
  • admin-plugin: fix issues with routable field on entry edit process.


  • core: move /site/cache directory to the /var/cache #347
  • core: remove Forms API from Flextype core #360
  • admin-plugin: improve Gulp configuration for better assets building.
  • default-theme: improve Gulp configuration for better assets building.
  • core: simplify logic for themes initialization process, remove extra checks for theme setting is enabled or not.
  • admin-plugin: move templates from views folder into the templates folder #347
  • admin-plugin: remove unused namespaces in EntriesContoller #347
  • admin-plugin: remove complex logic for themes activation process.
  • admin-plugin: add ext-gd to the require section of composer.json #347
  • admin-plugin: add ext-fileinfo to the require section of composer.json #347
  • admin-plugin: add ext-dom to the require section of composer.json #347
  • admin-plugin: add ext-spl to the require section of composer.json #347
  • default-theme: remove enabled option from theme settings.

Vendor Updates

  • core: Update vendor monolog/monolog to 2.0.2
  • core: Update vendor cocur/slugify to 4.0.0
  • core: Update vendor thunderer/shortcode to 0.7.3
  • core: Update vendor ramsey/uuid to 3.9.2


  • core: accounts moved to their specific folders.

    for e.g.

    /accounts/admin.yaml => /accounts/admin/profile.yaml
  • core: remove Debug, Html and Form Flextype Components.

  • core: all images links should be updated

  • core: core and plugin settings keys renamed

    For all core settings:
    settings.* => flextype.*
    For all site settings:
    settings.title => plugins.site.title
    settings.description => plugins.site.description
    settings.keywords => plugins.site.keywords
    settings.robots => plugins.site.robots
    settings.author.email => plugins.site.author.email
    settings.author.name => plugins.site.author.name
  • admin-plugin: remove Twitter Bootstrap from Admin Panel and Default Theme.

  • admin-plugin: remove user profile page /admin/profile

  • admin-plugin: method getUsers() renamed to getUsersList() in UsersController.

Update from Flextype 0.9.6 to Flextype 0.9.7

  • Backup your Site First!
  • Read BREAKING CHANGES release section!
  • Download flextype-0.9.7.zip
  • Unzip the contents to a new folder on your local computer.
  • Remove on your server this folders and files:
    • /flextype/
    • /vendor/
    • /site/accounts/
    • /site/config/
    • /site/cache/
    • /site/plugins/admin/
    • /site/plugins/site/
    • /site/themes/default/
    • /index.php
  • Upload on your server this folders and files:
    • /flextype/
    • /vendor/
    • /site/plugins/admin/
    • /site/plugins/site/
    • /site/plugins/icon/
    • /site/plugins/form/
    • /site/themes/default/
    • /index.php
  • Clear browser cache!
  • Go to YOUR_SITE_URL/admin url and create new user account.

Flextype 0.9.7 (1463 commits and more than 400h for development and testing!)

Date: 03-03-2020 09:46 : release