• core Moving to PHP 7.2.5 #444

  • core Add PhpArrayFileAdapter and set PhpArrayFile Cache as a default fallback cache driver instead of Filesystem Cache driver. This new feature give us performance boost up to 25%

  • core Add preflight to Flextype basic checks and performance boost.

  • core Update all namespaces and core infrastructure. #437

  • core Add Symfony Finder Component and find_filter() helper.

  • cache Cache API improvements

    • Cache ID generation enhancements
    • add new public function fetchMultiple(array $keys)
    • add new public function saveMultiple(array $keysAndValues, $lifetime = 0)
    • add new public function deleteMultiple(array $keys)
    • add new public function deleteAll()
    • add new public function flushAll()
    • add new public function purge(string $directory)
    • add new public function purgeAll()
    • add new public function getStats()
    • add new events onCacheBeforePurgeAll, onCacheAfterPurgeAll, onCacheBeforePurge, onCacheAfterPurge
  • core New Media API for work with media uploads.

    New objects:


    See: http://docs.flextype.org/en/core/media

  • core New simplified parsers and serializers functionality #438

    New objects:


    New methods:

    $flextype->markdown->parse(string $input)
    $flextype->shortcode->add(string $name, $handler)
    $flextype->shortcode->parse(string $input, bool $cache = true)
    $flextype->json->decode(string $input, bool $cache = true, bool $assoc = true, int $depth = 512, int $flags = 0)
    $flextype->json->encode($input, int $options = 0, int $depth = 512) : string
    $flextype->yaml->decode(string $input, bool $cache = true, int $flags = 0) : array
    $flextype->yaml->encode($input, int $inline = 2, int $indent = 4, int $flags = 0) : string
    $flextype->frontmatter->decode(string $input, bool $cache = true)
    $flextype->frontmatter->encode($input) : string
  • entries New simplified logic for entries methods: fetch() fetchSingle() and fetchCollection()

    We are stop doing unneeded things like extra scanning folders and files updates and etc... for fetching entries collections that's slowdowns the fetching process.

    We have improved filtering abilities for entries collections.

    From now there is a possible to path a much more rules for collections filtering inside the fetchCollection() and with using a standalone helper functions like collect_filter() and find_filter()

    • public function fetch(string $path, bool $collection = false, $filter = []) : array Fetch single entry or collections of entries.
    • public function fetchSingle(string $path) : array Fetch single entry.
    • public function fetchCollection(string $path, $filter = []) : array Fetch entries collection.

    See: http://docs.flextype.org/en/core/entries#methods

  • entries New events added for Entries API.

  • entries New decoupled and configurable fields added for entries instead of hardcoded.

    Entry fields decoupled into: /flextype/Foundation/Entries/Fields/

    Entry fields added into flextype.settings.entries.fields

        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
        enabled: true
  • entries Add ability to set individual cache control for specific entries.

      enabled: true
      enabled: false
  • entries Add new Entries API class properties.

     * Current entry path
     * @var string
     * @access public
    public $entry_path = null;
     * Current entry create data array
     * @var array
     * @access public
    public $entry_create_data = [];
     * Current entry create data array
     * @var array
     * @access public
    public $entry_update_data = [];
  • collections New Collection functionality on top of Doctrine Collections.

    We are able to use collections for any type of items, not just for entries. New Collection are simple and powerful!

    See: http://docs.flextype.org/en/core/collections

  • settings Set max_file_size 8mb for uploads.

  • yaml YAML set default inline = 5 and indent = 2

  • vendors New Arrays library for Accessing PHP Arrays via DOT notation.

  • rest-api New Files Rest API.

    Method Endpoint Description
    GET /api/files Fetch file(files)
    POST /api/files Upload file
    PUT /api/files Rename file
    PUT /api/files/copy Copy file
    DELETE /api/files Delete file
    PATCH /api/files/meta Updates file meta information
    POST /api/files/meta Updates file meta information
    DELETE /api/files/meta Delete file meta information
  • rest-api New Folders Rest API.

    Method Endpoint Description
    GET /api/folders Fetch folder(folders)
    POST /api/folders Create folder
    PUT /api/folders Rename folder
    PUT /api/folders/copy Copy folder
    DELETE /api/folders Delete folder

Bug Fixes

  • frontmatter remove UTF-8 BOM if it exists.
  • frontmatter fix line endings to Unix style.
  • entries fix method rename() in Entries API #433
  • entries fix issue with parsing content on entry fetch #441
  • rest-api fix Rest API JSON Response #445
  • core fix all namespaces #437
  • core fix flextype config loading.
  • serializers fix YAML native parser.
  • plugins fix method getPluginsCacheID() for Plugins API


  • pimple remove unused $flextype variable and cleanup dependencies.
  • yaml save and mute error_reporting for native YAML parser.
  • cors remove unused parameter $args
  • plugins remove dead variables.
  • shortcode update return type for shortcode add() method.
  • cache update $driver type for DoctrineCache.

Vendor Updates

  • core: Update vendor league/glide to 1.6.0
  • core: Update vendor doctrine/cache to 1.10.2
  • core: Update vendor doctrine/collections to 1.6.6
  • core: Update vendor respect/validation to 2.0.16
  • core: Update vendor monolog/monolog to 2.1.1
  • core: Update vendor thunderer/shortcode to 0.7.4
  • core: Update vendor flextype-components/filesystem to 2.0.7
  • core: Update vendor flextype-components/registry to 3.0.0
  • core: Update vendor flextype-components/number to 1.1.1
  • core: Update vendor composer/semver to 3.0.0
  • core: Update vendor symfony/yaml to 5.1.3
  • core: Update vendor ramsey/uuid to 4.1.0


  • entries Wildcard * removed from parsers field.
  • entries Cache setup removed from parsers field.
  • settings /project/config/settings.yaml move to /project/config/flextype/settings.yaml
  • constants remove constant PATH['config'], use - PATH['project'] . '/config/'
  • core: remove Date Component from the system.
  • core: remove Text Component from the system.
  • cache: removed methods clear() and clearAll(), use purge() and purgeAll() instead.
  • cache: change return type for methods save(), delete() from void too bool.
Date: 05-08-2020 Tags: #release